Roadtrip II is history…except in our memories

An editor asked me last week why we started going on road trips. My answer, “It’s a lot cheaper than therapy and a lot more fun!”

She said, “It sure seems like it.”

Another road trip is history. No reason to fret. Another is on the horizon. We’re now working on dates and locations. Of course the only location is the starting point. The rest takes care of itself.

My favorite memory: laughing our heads off at Bill and Fran’s Diner in Newberry, South Carolina. Next would have to be lunch at the Hammock Resort on the Atlantic coast in Florida.

There are rumors of corporate sponsors, a marketing agreement and all kinds of other adventures on the horizons.

Until those plans are announced, enjoy the pictures and videos from Roadtrip II and keep those cards and letters coming.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

6 thoughts

  1. Can neither confirm nor deny at this point. But you definitely can expect the next excursion to be kicked up a few notches in terms of visibility and destination marketing appeal. Maybe a wrapped limo with pics of us holding/wearing/consuming the product(s) of our sponsor(s).

  2. I told Ken, and I hope our marketing gurus are listening, that my initial choices for sponsors are tanning products and citrus-based companies. Hockey leagues and snow plow companies need not apply.

    In terms of a movie deal, we’re nearing a non-disclose agreement and I wouldn’t want to mess anything up.

  3. Really, guys? You couldn’t wait a couple of weeks and witness the final launch of the space shuttles? Sounds like you need a woman working on that itinerary……and I AM an honorary member of the He-man Woman Hater’s Club. Have your people get in touch with my people. wawa

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