20 thoughts

  1. Hi Kevin,
    If you decide to come on down to the Lone Star State, come to the coast and visit Galveston before it starts to get cold on the island!
    Safe travels,

  2. Now those are mighty fine suggestions. Memo to Ken: Add the Dakotas and Texas as possibilities. Bucket list, dude. Bucket list.

  3. Look gentlemen I truly think Iowa should make your trip. Not too bad a detour and loads of fun at fall. Corn mazes (Haunted or normal if you are a chicken like me), pumpkin farms, corn cannons and much more…. Come on! You know you want to go on a hayride.’

    You should at least be taking pictures of the leaves as I am sure there are some lovely ones along the way. 🙂

  4. Hey there, Sorry we didn’t get to talk to you guys during your visit to Floyd. Hope you enjoyed all that Floyd, VA has to offer!! We’d be glad to have you back anytime, just let us know. Oh yeh, I guess you are trying to figure out who I am… you took pictures of my husband and I singing out on the street in Floyd. Hope you enjoyed.

    Judy Weddle

  5. How about Hershey, PA! My niece is now a senior at Hershey High School. I’ve visited and the air really smells like chocolate! They have roller coasters, chocolate, menonite restaurants nearby, chocolate, beautiful mountains and chocolate!

  6. I did *NOT* see Memphis on your trip! What’s up with that??? Fantastic band called The Hillbilly Casino (punk and rock-a-billy) is going to play on Beale Street next Thursday thru Sunday! Worth the trip- besides me!

  7. I can’t believe I missed you. Just think you and Ken could have had a nice homemade Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. Use that cell phone man, use that cell phone. They sometimes work in the South.

  8. Hey, yall ! You cannot “roam the Pacific Northwest” in Utah! Unless California’s done fallen off and taken Nevada with it, the state of Utah is 500 miles E of the Pacific …

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