About Ken

Ken lives in Dallas, Texas. He’s a marketing guy who designs things and helps people sell stuff. He’s got some credentials and has won some awards. He currently runs marketing for a software company with a very relaxed dress code.

He has two hilarious, beautiful daughters and a beautiful wife who make him crazy but keep him young.

He also writes about things that interest him, like spirituality, parenting and psychology. You can read some of his stuff on his blog at ReachingAwe.com.


6 thoughts

  1. Heeeeyyyyy….I have never kissed either of them!!!!! What’s the deal? Obviously Kevin’s friends are extremely good lookin…..Ken’s not bad, but I was actually talking about myself.

  2. Hey Ken and Kevin –

    I think the next road trip you and Kevin take should be to Austin MN aka Spamtown, USA. The home of Hormel and where Spam (the meat that know one knows what is in it). You two can venture to the Spam Museum and then you can head to a small diner that serves loose meat. And because I know one of the three guys that created the Hormel Compleats – maybe I can find a way to get you guys a tour of the Hormel plant.

    Let me know what you two think!

    Ann Anderson


  3. A extreme sports road trip would be fun… One day white water rafting, then skydiving, bouncing around hitting states up what each state is kind of known for…

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