If you’ve not been to Floyd, VA, you’ve not lived enough!

Who knew? Seriously, who knew?

John McNair wrote and told us we should make a trek to Floyd, Virginia during Road Trip III.

With a tank full of gas and money for dinner, we headed east, way over in the southeast part of the state.

We found musicians galore, lining the streets, on corners and anywhere they could find a spot to sit and play. Hundreds of people lined the street to listen to the performers. All free.

After dinner at a Mexican restaurant just down from the Floyd Country Store, we met the Grits and Glitz Sisters and made our way back to the street for more music.

We brought a guitar and mandolin, but decided to just enjoy the sound of the locals. We weren’t disappointed.

Pickers and singers gather inside Floyd’s Barber Shop in downtown Floyd, Virginia.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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