Modern day “Floyd the Barber” offers memories (and hats) to Ken and Kevin

During our trip to Mt. Airy, NC, the childhood home of Andy Griffith, we stopped by Floyd’s Barber Shop. Russell Hiatt has been running Floyd’s for 63 years and his place of business is a regular stop for tourists hoping to get a glimpse of the real Mayberry.

Ken and Kevin both meet the real Floyd the Barber.

Ken and I both visited with Russell for a few minutes and I reminded him that I met him 20 years ago in the same shop. I told him about the hat I bought from him at the time. He asked if mine was worn out and I told him I kept it on a shelf as a souvenir. However, he insisted that Ken take one for his very own.

Just next to Snappy Lunch and near the Blue Bird, Russell offers a taste of Mayberry to anyone who stops in for a visit.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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