Finding a good wife in Darien, CT

How could we resist? Ken and I are minding our own business after getting thrown out of’s headquarters when we see a sign:


How could we resist? We learned SO MUCH about the “Good Wives” of Darien, Connecticut (#42 on the list of top-income US cities). Is it a coincidence that The Stepford Wives was filmed here?

Lesson 1: Where do good wives shop?

Lesson 2: How much tennis can you play?

As we visited shops in the Goodwives shopping center, we learned that Darien is a town with two faces. The face you see in the parking lot is that of yoga pants, pregnant mothers and European cars. Step inside any store, however, and talk to the folks who work there and you get an entirely different view of the community.

All four of the women we interviewed, who work in Darien but don’t live there, described the good wives of Darien as “princesses.”

“They come early every afternoon, while their husbands are at work in the city – most husbands don’t get home before 9:00 – and buy wine and ice for the chests in their trunks.”

When I asked who they drank wine with, answers included, “the pool boy,” “the tennis pro,” and “the lawn guy.”

“I mean,” said our new friend, “just how much tennis can you play?”

Lesson 3: The meaning of life


D’ya think??

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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