Do I hear banjos? Ken and Kevin hit the deep south on Road Trip X

No more Florida beaches for these boys. And Montreal? That’s a thing of the past. New York City? That’s for pretentious snobs.

Not this time. Not on this trip. Ken and Kevin hit the deep south with both guns loaded … figuratively, that is.

And we’re not talking Florida and North Carolina, either. They went straight for the jugular: Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky, with a brief respite in Tennessee to catch some fresh air.

Wal-Marts tingled with excitement as the possibility of Ken and Kevin’s appearance spread.

Perhaps they tamed their fear of Wal-Mart on this trip. But Alabama? That’s another story.


Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

One thought

  1. you guys were super fun to meet.! made my day @carolyns diner in burnside Kentucky. i don’t know where you guys were headed but it seemed as if you were after someone or something very important good luck & have a safe trip Im now a fan!!!;)

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