What do Neil Diamond and Prince Albert have in common?

Somewhere between Moose Jaw and Saskatoon, we realized that this part of Canada is, relatively speaking, flat and featureless. 

Which was the perfect time to break out our Road Trip XX soundtrack: 4 Decades of Neil Diamond, B-sides and Deep Cuts. 

Karen Geary, longtime Ken and Kevin fan and all-around road trip supporter, was kind enough to handpick a number of Neil Diamond’s lesser-known lyrical gems for us and mix a few CDs. 

First up: ‘Free Life’…

I don’t know if we’ll make it to Prince Albert, but we do have a bunch of hours of driving ahead of us before we hit Edmonton tomorrow. Good thing we have Neil to keep us company. 

And also Ron:

This is just one more reason Tom Cruise was not invited on this trip. In ‘Hot August Night’, Neil sings of a fiery tent revival evangelist who encourages his flock to reach out to both God and their fellow man. Seemingly the opposite of what Scientology stands for these days. But what do a couple of humble Methodists know? 

We’re headed on to Saskatoon tonight and then westward. We’re told there are mountains somewhere out there. Expect scenic pictures as we approach them. Meanwhile, this part of Saskatchewan is not too bad to look at. 

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