Ken’s pics from Day 3: South Dakota to Wyoming and back again

We started out at Mt. Rushmore. Flag Day is a good day to go.

A Lokota tribe member sang a flag dedication in his native language…

This sweet couple has been married 53 years…

It’s the second 50 years that’ll kill you.

Up the road is the Crazy Horse Monument, still in the process of being carved and should be finished in about 200 years. It cost us $22 to take this pic…

There, we just saved you $22.

In case you thought South Dakota was just Badlands, here’s what the Black Hills look like…

We moved on to Deadwood where we ate lunch in a (former) house of prostitution. I had the fish.

There are casinos everywhere. And this may be the first time I’ve ever left a casino in the black. The $7.50 almost paid for our parking. 

Kevin ended up on the losing end, however…

Then we headed over to Wyoming to see Devil’s Tower and a few aliens…

We wondered if this was an alien phenomenon or a sign from Bob…

When we arrived in Sturgis, we knew what the answer was…

One thought

  1. I don’t know who has the most fun on your trips….y’all or me! (Or “you guys”, “you’uns”, “you” etc.)

    Thanks for the laughs. Keep the pictures coming…they are awesome. (And of course, the commentaries.)

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