Our hotel in Sturgis, SD: A review

We’ve stayed in hundreds of hotels over the years. In all that time, we’ve learned a few things about finding good deals on good hotels. Sometimes, as you’ll see, we get extremely lucky. 

Last night we found ourselves in the “City of Riders”, Sturgis, South Dakota. 

Mind you, there is no bike rally going on right now, but it’s the famous Sturgis, and we were headed east after hanging out with the aliens at Devil’s Tower, so we figured, why not?

We ended up at the Best Western of Sturgis. It’s not likely that we’ll forget the many amenities of this hotel anytime soon, so we thought we’d share. 

1) Great for your sinuses 

Our room was right next to the indoor pool, which meant we breathed chlorine for 11 hours straight. My eyes are still burning a little, but my sinuses have never been more open. 

2) Convenient electrical wiring

You can’t turn one light on/off without turning them all on/off. That’s super convenient for achieving full light/total darkness at the flip of a switch. 

3) Everything is really close

If you wanted to use the toilet and take a bath at the same time, you totally could. (I personally wouldn’t try it, but go ahead if you want to, I won’t judge.)

4) Built in spa and entertainment

Since the bathtub doesn’t drain (at all), you really have lots of options. You can take a bath and a shower at the same time (if Best Western hasn’t trademarked the term “bower” by now, I really need to have a conversation with their marketing people).

Or, if you prefer to stand, you get a spa-like foot massage from all the standing water, combined with the additional spray coming from behind the water knobs. Pure heaven. 

And finally, the pièce de résistance: You definitely won’t get bored while bathing at the Best Western. Since the hot and cold handles are reversed, and since gravity or inertia or the Law of Attraction or something keeps moving the handles independent of any human interaction, it’s exactly like playing a video game trying to get a consistent water temperature. Great way to get your adrenaline pumping early in the morning!

Where will we stay next? Who knows, because we’re headed northeast and there ain’t nuthin’ out here, for miles and miles and miles. 

Perhaps we’ll end up in Fargo by tonight. It’d be fun to say hi to Billy Bob Thornton. 

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