Biggest rip-off since supersized Band-aid

What we got for $44 at Arizona Crater Site

We had a lot of hope for the Arizona Crater upon entering the attraction.
Too bad you can’t see anything like this anywhere else, like on your phone or computer.
We almost thought we were in Russia when we saw this window.

After almost three minutes touring the museum, we were ready to see the Arizona Crater. We were ready. We had seen dozens of billboards as we drove along Route 66 from Gallup, New Mexico.

Kevin didn’t even realize this was the crater when we passed by it. He made Ken walk up the stairs to look over the hill, thinking the crater had to be on the other side. Kevin estimated the crater was about the size of a valley in the mountains where he lives.

And as if $44 wasn’t enough to spend, the gift shop contained hundreds of bargains which tourists were gobbling up…

Water bottle: $30

Jar of salsa: $10
Tiny, cheap, plastic rocket: $10
Tee-Shirt: $35
$20 Wal-Mart Jacket: $139

Our favorite part of the Arizona Crater Attraction…

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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