Road Trip II: Day 2

The first 16 of today’s 18 waking hours were awesome. Made our way from Lakeland, FL, to Daytona International Speedway, then over to A1A (Beachfront Avenue!). Then headed north, visiting 5 Atlantic beaches of varying quality along the way. The 5th and final beach, Jekyll Island, GA, comprised the less-than-awesome final 2 hours of the day. Dear Jekyll Island Beach: You receive just 1 star from Ken and Kevin’s Road Trip because your state legislature has decided all your businesses must close before 10 pm on weeknights. What the!?!?

But it’s now midnight and things have taken a fun turn. Found some new friends who want to help us plan our next road trip in August. With corporate sponsors this time. Seriously, I’m in marketing…why didn’t I think of that?




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