Oldenburg, the Village of Too Many Spires to Count

Driving somewhere west of Cincinnati and east of Indianapolis, in the middle of nowhere, we glimpsed far off in the distance a massive church steeple.

Coming closer, we realized it wasn’t just one spire but several.

Oldenburg, Indiana, was founded in 1837 by German settlers who immediately began building churches. The town now boasts a population of 600 people and, from the looks of it, about the same number of churches.

Now known as the “Village of Spires”, Oldenburg is possibly even more religious than the Texas Creation Museum. And that’s saying something.

Check it out…

Mary has lots of sister statues all over town.
Even the fire department doubles as a church.
Sorry, I accidentally cropped the spire out of this one.

We don’t know much about this part of the country but two things are apparent:

1) German-Indianans have more choices of places to worship than a senior citizen has choices at a Thanksgiving Day casino buffet.

2) Whoever got the county contract for putting up telephone poles out here made a killing.

We’ll see you somewhere down the road.

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