CSI: Holy Land …What we learned about Jesus and dinosaurs in Central Texas

Remembering March 1, 2013

While driving southwest from Ft. Worth, we happened upon the Creation Evidence Museum (which is just a stone’s throw from Dinosaur World) in Glen Rose, Texas. We didn’t have much time but tried to learn as much as we could before hitting the road again. Here’s a quick synopsis of what we discovered…

1) Humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time. Adam looked like Mark Wahlberg and had a baby brontosaurus for a pet. Eve had perfect hair and probably spent a lot of time swatting giant dragonflies.


2) Before Noah’s flood, all animals were gentle herbivores. T-Rex was partial to tropical salads but still looked really scary while eating them.


3) There was no animosity between species on Noah’s ark. Or they ran out of cages. Not sure which.


4) There were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark but they had to ride at the bottom. Hmmm…were dinosaurs nocturnal?


5) Before the great flood, only humans were violent. It had something to with the earth’s magnetic poles. There was a whole video that explained it. We didn’t have time to watch it.


6) Tom Landry came along some time later and then there were also some, um, I guess comparatively short Native Americans. Here they are overseeing their dinosaur ranch.


So if you had any questions about the timeline of human evolution or the potential intersection of faith and science, we hope that’s cleared it up for you. We’re on to the next adventure.

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