Traffic jam leads to new friendships

Met some new friends at Mickie D’s and helped them find the NC back roads around the I-26 tie-up. Claudia and her kids and parents are now honorary road trip passengers.

As a matter of fact, we’ve been entertaining Claudia and friends as we drive up the road to our next destination, wherever that might be…


3 thoughts

  1. Thought I would correct you. Claudia is Memaw. The boys are my kids and they are traveling with their Aunt, Memaw and Pawpaw to OH. They just left today and I miss my boys already. I am glad that they are getting a chance to spend some time making memories with their aunt and grandparents. Thanks for posting and hope you have a great trip. (PS, I saw that you have a pic of Columbia and that is where we live. Supprised you didn’t go to Ft. Jackson while you were here and get a pic with his statue on post)

  2. Hi Ken and Kevin, This is Claudia. We finally got through all the traffic jams and through Asheville, your advise there was also helpful.

    It was nice meeting you and texting and once again, thanks for the road trips. Good luck on your future adventures!

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