Clothing-optional resort…where our Road Trip t-shirts are considered formal attire

No shirt, no shoes, no problem

Remembering June 4, 2012. ..


First stop of Road Trip V was near Canton, TX, where we visited the world-famous Ponderosa Nudist Resort.

Our hosts, Cindy and Lyn, proved to be quite hospitable. After a tour of the ranch, we posed for pictures and presented Cindy and Lyn with their own Road Trip T-shirts.

They remarked, “I don’t know when we’ll wear them. Maybe to sleep in.”

At the conclusion of our visit, our hosts invited us to return for a weekend and let our pressures and worries — along with our clothes — fall by the wayside.

We spent a little longer here than we do on most of our stops. More pics and stories to come later.

23 thoughts

  1. Wow. Kev…show us some skin! LOL. When in Rome! Leave it to you guys to find the interesting places alomg the way.

  2. Looks like you all may lose your shirt(s) on this trip! Can’t wait to see what’s next but I’ll try to keep my pants on until the next post…

  3. Interesting that nudists sleep in t-shirts…I wear my t-shirt during the day and sleep in the nude…i’m just sayin’. Have fun! i’ll follow along.

  4. On your next trip Kev, you should bring them a KenandKevinroadtrip Bandanna. πŸ˜‰
    Oh…BTW…is there a cover charge at this place?

    1. That is a fantastic question ! I just laughed so hard, I cried a little bit !!! Well.. Do nudists wear shoes ? And, where do their wallets go ?

  5. Intriguing, but it just wouldn’t fly in Central New York, where the temperature today was 57 F. Cindy and Lyn would TACKLE you for those t-shirts!

  6. Kevin you always seem to amaze me. I’d be sweating buck shots visiting nude people but you look like a natural. You even have your arm wrapped around one!

  7. @Melibell – I think their wallets go in fanny packs – those don’t count as clothing so if that is all they are wearing, it’s ok! LOL Wow – that is an image that popped into my head & now I won’t be able to get it out for a while – yikes!

  8. Wonder if they sell a lot of sunscreen and bug spray? Do the men carry a murse (man purse) for their wallet?

  9. Ever notice the people at nude beaches and resorts are generally people you don’t want to see naked?

    1. Crissi: It never occurred to me that Kevin might learn something on his trip to apply at the next convention. I am redrafting our contract now to include, “must wear clothes.”

  10. There is a nude campground just west of here, but I’ve never had the guts to visit there. Looks like you two had a blast though! Maybe I will take a road trip of my own this summer. Very inspiring photos. lol.

  11. Hey, when in Rome … er, Canton … How backwards, to wear the shirts to sleep in! I would think plenty of non-nudists already sleep nekkid. πŸ™‚

  12. Looks like coat hangers are near laundry room (detergent on shelf) Guessing you have to have clothes for when you leave the Ponderosa for the grocery store or the doctor, etc

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