Chattanooga fans go nuts when Ken and Kevin arrive at eatery

Remembering June 7, 2012…

At the Big River Grille, Haleigh came up to our table and exclaimed, “I’m your biggest fan!” Apparently we have more than one fan in Chattanooga now.


Haleigh, currently single, is skeptical about her prospects for love down by the river. So given the choice, she said she’d definitely date Ken. Yet somehow Kevin screwed up the audio on this video. Coincidence? I think not.

We signed a few autographs and were on to our next destination.


3 thoughts

  1. Nice pic…nothing better than big smiles that makes you feel welcome!! Looks like everyone had big smiles to see you guys arrive!!

  2. You two made my day! I thoroughly enjoyed you’re stories. Goodluck on the roadtrip ahead! And remember…if any positions open up for your tour- Im in!

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