Colonel Sanders’ better half

Stopped at Claudia Sanders’ Dinner House for lunch. It was built on the back of his property by Colonel Sanders for his wife in Shelbyville, KY. Great chicken, great rolls. But apparently the famous rolls aren’t served at lunch… Unless you sweet-talk Evelyn a bit.

The owner and manager (Tommy and Louise) came over and introduced themselves when they heard celebrities were in the house. Even though they said they’d seen our TV show, we’re not quite famous enough to get our lunch comped. Gotta talk to our PR rep Debbie about working on that for us.





3 thoughts

  1. My dad knew the “real” Colonel Sanders. My dad and he were from the same hometown – Corbin, KY. Story goes that when a new highway was built, it diverted traffic from in front of his gas station. I figured if he served really good food people would get off the highway to eat — and they did. My grandfather said the Colonel “stole” the recipe for his 7 herbs & spices from someone else in Corbin but who knows.
    The Colonel bought kitchen appliances from my dad. Now, the Colonel like to take his “nips” and one day when he came to buy something for Miss Claudia he wasn’t seeing too well and hit my dad’s business with his car. He just told my dad to send him the bill for the repairs and he’d pay for it — and he did. The Colonel was quite a character.

  2. I’m sure you’re quite famous now that your trip is done. You earned it! Free food the whole way next time, I’m sure.

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