Kentucky = local flavor

We didn’t sample the bourbon balls but the few hours we spent in Kentucky were full of good food, fall scenery and interesting sights.

Bargain salon that answers the question, “Where would Jesus tan?”


Early fall foliage


Just two more pages of stamps and we can finally get that ironing board!


Colonel Sanders’ home, complete with Hummer, nude statue and satellite dish


Local amusement park


Capitol building in Frankfort


2 thoughts

  1. I shook the Colonel’s hand once as a kid. I said I’d never wash it again. (Yes, of course I did. Wash it, that is.)

  2. I was born in Kentucky and always look forward to going back to see family. Business meetings in Eastern KY bring us there at least once a year. It is a lovely state, but I grew up in East TN and really miss the gorgeous mountains and family there. South Carolina is very convenient, but cannot compare to TN & KY except maybe in the spring when all the azealas bloom.

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