Ken: Getting my chakras aligned feels almost as good as a neck crack from Dr. Brown

About the only thing we knew about Sedona, Arizona before today came from a big hit by the Eagles in the late 70s with the phrase:

Standing on a corner in Sedona, Arizona

And there’s such a fine sight to see.”

We had heard along the way that Sedona was known for Its many Krystal’s, but the closest thing we saw in town was a Burger King on Cross Creek Road

We did, however, find some gorgeous scenery along the way, with enough gift shops to give Banff and Gatlinburg a run for their money.

We’ve heard there’s some nice scenery around here, too.

And no shortage of chakra-aligning, rock-loving,fortune-telling purveyors.

We never did find a Krystal, tho.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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