Two shirts bite the dust & Sami’s has competition in Pittsburgh … just sayin’

Kelli B., in South Dakota, earned a RoadTrip shirt by recommending a quick jaunt to Pittsburgh for lunch at the Dor-Stop Restaurant. She’s seen local diner on a kenandkevinroadtrip wannabe show, “Dives, Diners and Drive-Ins” on the Food Network.

Our p.r. director, Debbie, made calls to TV stations and newspapers all over the Pittsburgh area to alert them of our arrival.

The food: incredible. They just kept bringing more and more food. “You have to try this,” said Diane. “Oh, I hate to have my pic taken,” chimed in BethAnn. So we took several more. Now she’s not afraid of cameras. Glad to help, BethAnn.

Dave and Rich, the cooks, were great. Dave kept piling on the food, while Rich came with the idea for shooting a “goodbye video” before we left. You can find that in an earlier post by Ken.

After trying everything on the menu, their treat, I’ve got to say the Raspberry French Toast, as recommended by Kelli, is tops.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

One thought

  1. On your next road trip, maybe you should slow down so one of you can be on the side of the road running off all that food while the other one drives.

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