Kevin places bet with Ken: “Bet we never hear from her again”

We met Angela while making our rounds through the good folks from the Eastern Star and Library conventions taking place in our hotel at the same time. We quickly learned that the quiet ones were always the librarians.

Angela, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, is on a mission to take water to the thirsty children of the world. Apparently, there are a lot of thirsty kids in London, Las Vegas and Charleston, WV, where we met.

Angela told us about her beautiful beach house on the ocean in Pensacola, Florida. I assume that’s where she gets all the water for the kids.

“You guys can have it next summer when it’s not rented out,” she told us twice.

I turned to Ken and said, “We’ll never hear from her again.”

He agreed.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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