What we got for $92.99 at Graceland

Elvis’ momma’s place turned out to be a little on the expensive side:

If you’re considering checking out Graceland, you’ll see lots of interesting things. Here’s how the value for your dollar breaks down:

Security guard: $3

Lamp: $1

HVAC controller: $1

Ceramic monkey: $2

Fire alarm: $2

Fedora: $1

Other miscellaneous sights: $82.99

Totally worth it.

9 thoughts

  1. I’m sure it’s the $12.99 diet coke you’re referring to. It was good, but I don’t know if it was worth it. With tax, it was like $14.50!

    1. Thanks for following us, Melissa. I mentioned the idea of having you shoot some video, in addition to our corporate camera guy on the next trip.

  2. You should try the farm museum in Hadley, Ma., followed by lunch at the Florence Diner. A diet coke can’t be more than a buck eighty, and they may even have a juke box with some Elvis in queue. No promises on that last one, but I can guarantee you’d end the day with at least $75.00 more dollars in your pocket. 😉

    1. Mari makes a good point. I’m not sure if it was the $70 entrance fee or the $13 coke that steamed me the most. Plus, the $10 parking. Geeze.

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