No smoking. No problem. We build the smell right into our rooms.

Thanks to NASCAR weekend, we were forced to pay $500 for the last two remaining rooms in Upstate New York…at the Ramada Inn. Thank God they are a 100% smoke-free environment. Except for the smell of smoke that permeates 100% of everything.

Ken decided to take up smoking in the hopes that they would clean the room.

Hey, it coulda been $1,000 if we had sprung for two suites.

We usually steal the iron but were foiled in our attempt this time.

Apparently a lot of Ramada guests travel with precious gems and bank notes.


Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

One thought

  1. Don’t act like you don’t take your ornaments either, Kev. (only you can make a Ramada Inn entertaining. Why aren’t you on Travel Channel again?)

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