Are Ken and Kevin going straight to Hell? You decide (because the folks in DeLand, Florida obviously can’t)

There we were, wandering innocently down Main Street in sleepy DeLand, Florida, looking for a public restroom, when suddenly we heard shouting and commotion all around us. 

There, on opposite corners of the busiest downtown intersection, stood dozens of chanting protesters waving signs. It took a moment to make sense of the chaos, but we finally discovered it was a battle between followers of local Bible preacher, Jim Knox, and a group of DeLand’s Atheists. 

Most passersby avoided all contact with both groups, but Kevin and I ain’t afraid of nothin’, so we waded right in. 

To simplify it for our readers, here’s the gist of the argument:

  • Knox Faithful: “Hell is bad. Don’t go there.” 
  • DeLand Atheists: “Hell is not bad. ‘Cause it doesn’t exist.”

In our effort to enlighten the world in all matters, religious and otherwise, here’s our breakdown of the battle of Knox Faithful vs. DeLand Atheists. We lay it out, you choose the winner…

Cute girls: Both sides had their share, but we have to give this one to the Knox Faithful based simply on numbers. 

Colored hair: At least half the Atheists had green and/or blue hair, so they take this category easily. 

Volume: Knox Faithful, hands down. 

Pamphlets: Only the Knox Faithful had a pamphlet, so we reluctantly call this one in their favor (though we seriously doubt a pamphlet has changed anyone’s mind since the Reformation).

Signs: We’re calling this one a tie, though the Atheists did have an edge in creativity and colors.

Sense of humor: The Atheists were friendly and having a good time. Can’t say the same for the other side. 

So there you have it. Given what Kevin and I have already been through, neither of us is much worried about hell, but maybe you’ll find this information useful for your immortal soul (should you happen to believe you have one). 

After shooting that video, I asked Kevin if he wanted to do a second interview with the Knox Faithful. 

“No, dude,” he said. “They scare me.”

One thought

  1. Biased conclusion, you actually never talked to the Christians… Not surprising…. just biased. Is being biased how you obtain facts? I’m sure it is.
    You need to believe that Christ died for your sins and rose again the third day…. To be saved, not by being (Knox Faithful) or a church goer but by the word of God (The Holy Bible)

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