Road Trip VII heads to San Antonio this week

Ken and Kevin visit the home of The Alamo on Road Trip VII
1836: Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie make their last stand for Texas liberty. 2013: Ken & Kevin continue to stand up for the right to travel Texas freely and without intervention from federal authorities, Mexican revolutionaries, irate spouses, etc.

We’ll hit the road on Feb. 28, heading south from Dallas deep into the heart of Texas. Kevin speaks at the TCNA publishing convention in San Antonio on Saturday. Before then, we’ll criss-cross the state quite a bit and eventually wind up back in Dallas late on Mar. 3.

As K&K road trips go, this is one of the shorter ones — and probably the first and only time we won’t cross state lines — but that won’t stop us from making our usual splash (even though there won’t be a camera crew trailing us this time).

Look for amusing posts and random photos coming soon…

Ken and Kevin visit San Antonio's famous Riverwalk on Road Trip VII
We tend to stay off the beaten path and away from tourist destinations, but we’ll probably make an obligatory stop at the Riverwalk.

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