Buddhists vs. Charismatics: Open minds, closed gates?

On the way through the mountains from Taos to Raton, New Mexico, we happened upon a sign for a Buddhist monastery.


This reminded us of our fun encounter with several Buddhist monks we met while traveling through Upstate New York. Here’s Ken with the monks, right before they invited us to prayers and lunch:

20120810-120326  20120810-120326b

Hoping to add some new Buddhist friends to our ecumenical collection, we took a detour up the dirt road leading to the monastery.


It was a loooooong dirt road. And after 20 minutes of driving, we discovered why this particular monastery is not on a main highway. Apparently they like their privacy.


Which left us wondering: What are these monks hiding? Are they in cahoots with Priceline? Or are they just really, really bad at recruiting new members?

Getting back on the main road, we couldn’t help noticing the Assembly of God down the street had an open parking lot. In the spirit of Godly brotherhood, maybe the Charismatics could share some marketing tips with the Reclusive Buddhists.

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