Up next: France, Cuba or ??

Part of Road Trip XV concerned making plans for our next adventure.

Now that relations with our communist Caribbean friends to the south are becoming “normalized” (which we hope means fewer kidnappings and more clean restrooms), we’re seriously considering a road trip across Cuba. We’re guessing it would look something like this:

Another idea we had (likely an inspiration directly from the great road trip deity of the universe, whom we affectionately call Bob), was that France has some beautiful roads, vineyards and beaches. We’re picturing something like this:

Is it possible to start a road trip in the Caribbean and end it in the Iberian peninsula? We think so, but we’ve never been very good at geography. Either way, a convertible is a must.

What do you think? Where should Road Trip XVI start and end? Send us a message here or on Facebook and give us your ideas.

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