Roadtrip XV: The road never ends

This was a short, but memorable trip. Scheduled as one of two warm ups for our next major adventure in June, highlights included our “almost conversion” to Scientology and our near misses with a tornado or two.

We attempted to end the great drought in West Texas, bringing a few raindrops, but not enough to end the dreaded practice using reverse osmosis for their drinking water.

We met Abbe Pelzer’s twin at the Vernon Country Club and were almost sheared to death in an Alvaredo restaurant.

We convinced the citizens of Venus that long shorts on men are nothing more than capris and began a movement to rid them from their city.

From terrible french food at a fancy restaurant to our best meal, in a mexican restaurant where no one spoke English, we spread the magic of a Ken and Kevin road trip.




Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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