Bella, Bella … Why is Utah Mexican food so much better than TexMex?

As we’re often told by well-meaning strangers, “Everything happens for a reason.” We’re starting to believe it. Well, let’s not get carried away.

We walked in Bella’s in Ogden, Utah after somehow making a quick exit from a Chipotle-like place across town. Boy, are we glad we did.  

We were greeted by the owners and staff of Bella’s, who quickly realized we were Ken and Kevin. Joe, the owner, showed up at our table right away, creating the house specialty, on the house, right at our table.

Next, Tom, the manager, and Courtney, a Cameron Diaz lookalike, offered to create something just for us. Wow! It was mucho yummioso!

Sandy, Joe’s young-looking mom, came by to greet us, giving Ken (the cute one in our group) the chance to take a pic with her.

We give Bella’s a perfect diez! That’s 10, for our gringo friends.  


Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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