How big is God? Ken and Kevin discover the truth in Eastern Georgia.

Kevin and I have lots of theological discussions on the road. We’ve discovered few answers over the years, but what’s obvious to us is that God is big and often surprises you when you least expect it.

To prove it, God practically jumped in front of our car as we were driving through the historic hamlet of Washington, Georgia. So  of course we stopped by his place to say hi.

As you can see, God is, in fact, quite large. At least compared to your average commercial building. It’s as if he is saying, “Come hither, wayward travelers.”

God has some pretty big shoes to fill.  

Don’t be naughty or you’ll have to go through the back door.  

Even God closes shop on holidays, apparently.  

We’re heading west to see what other great mysteries might be unveiled. We hear there’s a preacher in Atlanta who received a Lear jet from God. He’ll want to see the pics.  

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