Discoveries in the ruins of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians


On our way down toward Mexico, we wondered whatever happened to the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas.
So we got out our trusty map and found it. Apparently, we were the only ones who have for a while.

Here are a few of the things we found:
This is the entrance to the compound.

 The names of the 82 Branch Davidians Who died during the siege in 1993.

 The current church. Yes, his followers still meet.

These stones lie in front of the church building:

Like every church, they’re taking donations for their building fund…

Creepy photo of guy who funded the new church… 

We found one window with the shade barely open. We took these pics through that opening. There are eerie pics of Koresh and other leaders. Zoom in to read the banner on the back wall…

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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