They charged us a damage deposit on our cabin near Banff. After walking in, we felt like we should get a damage deposit.

Inglismaldie must be German for “Suckers.”
A cabin in the mountains outside Banff sounded like such a great idea. That is, until we got to the cabin.

Having rented a lot of cabins back home in Tennessee, I thought we’d enjoy an evening in the mountains with a hot tub, game room and plenty of quiet.
On an up-note, we’ve got plenty of company . . . mostly mosquitos. We didn’t even know they had mosquitos in Canada.

At least the cabin has wifi. Wait, no it doesn’t. As our friendly – and she really is friendly – desk clerk told us, “Yes, we have wifi. It just never works.”

Well, you can’t fault her for being honest.

“It’s getting hot. Turn down the air, Ken!”

Wait, there is no air. There is, however, an added amenity we hadn’t noticed til 4:00 this morning: a skylight. 

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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