Ken and Kevin hit the beach at the site of the original Thanksgiving

More than 50 years before the pilgrims finally showed up in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the Spanish Catholics in Florida were already celebrating Thanksgiving mass.

So on this Thanksgiving weekend morning, we found ourselves (quite appropriately) in St. Augustine, home of the very first Thanksgiving celebration in North America. And since it’s 40 degrees warmer here than in Massachusetts, it seemed like a good time to learn a bit about local history and culture.

We spent a few hours seeing the sights, including the Castillo de San Marcos. Soldiers in the 1600’s were much more well-fed than we imagined.

Their battles were impressively loud, though.

Yep, we’re in a Florida beach town.

We decided to head south again on A1A, and make a quick stop by a friend’s place.

It’s gorgeous and sunny here, with temps in the high 70s. If you’re in Massachusetts today, you have our sympathy.

Next stop: A beach with more sand and fewer soldiers.

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