Visit to naturist resort proves very revealing

What a fun stop. We spent an hour at the Ponderosa Nudist Resort this afternoon and learned all kinds of stuff about the naturist lifestyle. Our hosts, Cindy and Lyn, were very fun and quite informative. And we’re even invited back to spend a weekend. Checking our calendars now.

Although we learned a lot, there are still some things we’re confused about. For example…

Does this have something to do with politics?

What are these used for?

Why are there doors on both the shower and bathroom?

We may never know the answers. But Lyn said that their live-in memberships are almost sold out. So we recommend calling now to reserve your spot.

10 thoughts

  1. So many wonderful places to visit in the US. Looking forward to seeing some awesome pictures and reading about your adventures. Suggestion for next year, trade in the car and the hotels and go for a RV!

  2. Wow, you guys find some of the most interesting places! I think I’ll skip the ranch on my next visit, though

  3. The washing machines are for washing the towels and linens we use and even though we are nudist here we do have to go to town to do our shopping so we do have clothes. As for the doors on the bathrooms, we do like privacy when we do our restroom business. If there are any other questions anyone needs answering give me a call. 903-865-1104 between 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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