Paying WV traffic fine is a pain in the rear

Thanks to Fifth Third Bank for helping. No thanks to Kentland Bank. And a little about Princeton, WV politics.

OK, so first let me update you on the traffic ticket from Princeton, WV. It seemed fishy to me that when I called the number on the back of the ticket, all I got was a recording from the magistrate’s office telling me how much fines were for tickets. They must give out a LOT of tickets.

Then, when I pressed the “O” button, as instructed, to speak to someone live, I got the same recording. Tried it a few times. Same thing every time.

There was an option to get a directory, so I chose it. However, there was no directory,just instructions to spell the person’s last name. I spelled “Smith” and got a recording from a cheerful sounding young woman. I left a message, asking her to call my cell. That was yesterday morning. No call from her.

So the back of the ticket says I have one week to call them or send them $170.80 or my license will be taken by Tennessee authorities. Since calling them is futile, I decided to send in the money, then think bad thoughts about them. You can, too, if you want.

The ticket requires a cashiers check or whatever. So I stopped in Kentland Bank in Lafayette, Indiana today to buy one. I got cash out of their ATM to pay for it. Apparently, they couldn’t sell one to me because I don’t have an account there. I stopped by to ask the manager about this and he said they didn’t do this to protect them from laundered money. Since the money came form their ATM machine, I guess that’s the laundry he was talking about.

So I went two blocks down the street to Fifth Third Bank, something we don’t have in Tennessee, and told them my predicament. Barb and T (I’ve forgotten his name, but have it in my car … will brag on him more later … came to my rescue!

If you’re adding up scores, here’s the way I score them:

Princeton, West Virginia Magistrate’s Office: Scoundrels

Kentland Bank: Worthless

Fifth Third Bank: My Heroes

Oh, I got a great story about local police from one of the managers at Fifth Third Bank. I’ll save it for another post.

You guys are my heroes!

My heros at Fifth Third Bank
Chronicled my visit to mail the check to Princeton. They seem like the type to say I never sent the cashier’s check.
I have more pics, if necessary.

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Kevin Slimp

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