Comparing West Virginia to Canada. You might find a few surprises

Disclaimer: My previous trip to West Virginia was not uneventful. See what happened at:

Something fishy with Princeston WV law enforcement

Both Canada and West Virginia have big mountains, but the similarities end there.

Just south of Princeston WV.
Just north of Banff AB.

The main source of revenue in Canada is gasoline tax. 

$4 per gallon, eh?

In West Virginia, it seems to be toll booths. 

it feels like there’s a toll booth around every curve in WV.
Canada has its share of funny town names: Stand Off, Big Beavers, Western Ho and Moose Jaw. 

West Virginia can hold its own with Big Ugly, Looneyville and Paw Paw.

Traffic congestion was never a problem in the True North:

10 a.m. in Jasper, Alberta.

I’m still not sure what the deal is in Beckley WV:

Some of that toll money should go for improvements in Beckley.

One thing both places have in common is friendly faces (at least in eating establishments).
Kathy, in Saskatchewan.
Shelby in West Virginia.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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