Ordained while waiting on my Krystal Burger

You might remember the stack of religious flyers we found at a restaurant in Canada a few days ago (See Penteix Bakery), but it seems free pamphlets and Bibles are becoming the norm at restaurants across the U.S. And Canada. 

While waiting on my order of biscuits & gravy at a Krystal (the southern version of Whitecastle) near Colonial Heights TN, I noticed the sign, “Free Bibles.”

Looking closer, I saw what appeared to be a framed certificate next to the Bibles. Sure enough, it was an ordination certificate. 

Not having heard of Universal Ministries, a quick Google search shed some light on the group. 

It seems mail order ordination is passé. On UM’s website (Universal Ministries website), I learned ordination is only a mouse click away. 

According to their website, I can be marrying, burying and an ordination ceremony will be held for me in Illinois. Fortunately, I do not have to be present. 

We found this material at a lunch stop in western Canada.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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