Go west, young men

One of the many great things we’ve discovered about South Dakota (so far) is that restaurants here actually serve Diet Mountain Dew. In giant jars. They even offer it before you ask. I mean seriously, it’s like a sign from Bob that we’re in the right place. 

Nectar of the gods

We’re now heading west out of Sioux Falls toward the Badlands. It’s hard to find back roads in this part of the country, but the good news is that when you do, you’re welcome to drive 80mph, and if you don’t, the truckers look at you with ardent disdain. 

But some of the things you see on the highway going 80+ do make you wanna get out of the way. 

I don’t know…corn silo, maybe?

It’s also apparent that South Dakotans are proud of their frontier spirit and Native American culture. Totems and teepees are everywhere. 

Not bad, but it’s no Medicine Hat.

But they have a ways to go it they want to compete with the giant naked wigwam in Medicine Hat, Saskatchewan. 

Obviously Canadian natives are much larger than their southern counterparts.

Still, there are lots of big things around here. Locals keep telling us we need to go see the presidents’ heads. We were thinking about it but then we ran across this, so now we’re wondering what the point is. 

I mean, they’re right here. Why drive 4 more hours west?

We’ve heard a persistent rumor that they’re reworking the monument to add another president. We really hope that’s just a Fox News story and nothing more. 

Source: UK Daily Star
No…couldn’t be…I mean seriously…please, Bob…no…

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