Sioux Falls: Where miracles happen

Stopping to eat breakfast with Darian and her friends at Marlin’s in Sioux Falls, we quickly noticed the signs on the building across the corner. 

“Voices that move our community.” Hmmm. Interesting. 

Then we noticed the sign on the building. 

Now it’s making sense. The Argus Leader is owned by Gannett, a company famous for “gatehousing” its operations. Then I remembered a story from a few months ago. 

It seems Gannett, in their infinite wisdom,  decided to fire a large portion of their staff, including the publisher and – in an unrelated story – editor, and replace all of them with a smiley-faced executive in Colorado or China or some such place. 

So I suppose when they say “Voices that move our community,” they are being literal. Like literally moving them to other cities. 

That sign cleared a lot up for me. Too bad they don’t have copy editors at Gannett anymore. I suppose it should read “Voices that MOVED our community.”

A simple mistake. 

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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