D.C. for a day on less than 9 bucks? Yup.

Washington, D.C. is known for lots of things. Saving Americans money is not one of them. In fact it kinda has a reputation for the opposite. So when Kevin and I vowed we’d spend a day in our nation’s capital for $20 or less, we encountered many naysayers.

“Nay!” they said. “Thou canst while away thy time in the noble city of our nation’s founding for less than two hundred dollars of legal tinder!”

To that, we say…whatever the opposite of “nay” is, because we went and done it.

Things we paid for

Parking: $4.95

Lunch (split 2 ways): $3.82

Grand total for our day in D.C.: $8.77

And that’s it…take that naysayers

Things we saw for free

People tend to forget that D.C. belongs to the citizens. Accordingly, there are many, many things you can see for free. You just have to know where to look.

Here are just a few examples of what we paid absolutely nothing to see:

Gender diversity research:

Something to do with NASA, we think:

National security programs:

Patriotism and/or LGBTQ pride:

Transportation programs:

Free fish smells:


Things we chose not to pay for

The Hope diamond:

This whale:

Things we didn’t want to pay for but are gonna have to anyway

The National Debt:

These clowns:

The good news

While wandering around town, we even caught sight of a few politicians. Here’s one, on the way to an important meeting:

The other good news is that we have $11.23 left. I suppose we could could use it to make a tiny dent in the National Debt, but I think we’ll just spend it on some tasty Mexican food instead.

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