Day 4: Ayuh, it was a wicked time in New England

After a rainy early morning start in New Hampshire, the clouds finally parted and gave way to a gorgeous fall day as we headed south through Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and finally West Virginia.

We covered over 600 miles on a circuitous route. The leaf colors became less interesting the farther south we got but at least we could count on finding a bathroom when we needed one.

Heading south out of New Hampshire.
Papa Pete’s in Woodford, VT. Otherwise know as “last diner for 20 miles.”
Things are smaller in New England. I haven’t seen this sink since preschool.
No idea.
I think my mom used to have this hat.
Picture postcard perfect…shot from the window of a moving car.
Vermontians love their barns.
Probably the reason I’ve been sneezing so much.
This is how you move your trampoline if you live in New Jersey.
Possibly our best Mexican meal of the trip in Bethlehem, PA.
Everyone in the northeast corridor seemed to be wearing this outfit. Must be the new style.
Brief visit to the local Moose Lodge.
At the end of the day, Bob welcomed us to West Virginia.

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