Oatman, Arizona: What Sturgis wishes it could be

Winding our way through the most remote stretch of Route 66 – so remote a sign prepares you for the open range that lies ahead.

A little further up 66, we are greeted with an even stranger sign, one that forced us to stop for a second look.

We laughed…for about 30 seconds.

We could scarcely believe what we were seeing. Wild burros in the road. The closer we got to town, the more burros filled the road.

Oatman, Arizona has what Stugis, Terlingua and other western tourist meccas can only dream of … man and creature living in harmony.

Clark Gable and Carol Lombard fell in love with this town and celebrated their honeymoon in room 15 of the Oatman Hotel in 1939.

We became instant friends with burro by the score. Wandering freely through shops and eating establishments, the burros seemed more at home than the local populace.

Check out these scenes from our visit to Oatman. Be sure to look through the photos at the end and join us on our dangerous drive away from town.

I stopped to purchase a couple of shirts from our new friend, Larene, on our way out of town. She tried, unsuccessfully, to talk us into other goods on hand.

Ken successfully avoided several oncoming motorcycles on the way out of town, allowing us to enjoy an incredible view.

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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