Mexico and Desert Southwest are behind us. Now we set our sites toward the True North.

Honestly, we have no idea where we’re going. We only know where we’re starting. And we’re starting in Spokane, Washington with an intuition that we might just head due north and see what we find in Western Canada. Don’t hold us to that, though. As you know, we could end up going west to the Pacific, or east to Montana – but Montana is unlikely.

Why Spokane? We thought we’d have the best chance of actually getting there. The way flights are right now, it’s hard to guess when you might end up at your destination, assuming you get there at all. But as long as we can eventually meet in Spokane, pick up our rental car, and take off, we will find our destination…wherever that might be.

Keep an eye on Beginning Thursday, August 18, we should be sailing down, up or over the road to our eventual destination. If you have thoughts of where we should head, or if you want to meet us for lunch or dinner along the way, give us a shout!

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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