“I don’t carry a gun because…”

“I don’t carry a gun because I don’t want the people of Mayberry to fear a gun. I’d rather they respect me.” — Sheriff Andy Taylor

Kevin and I were both reared on a steady diet of The Andy Griffith Show. So a side trip across 3 state lines to see Andy’s hometown (which inspired nearly everything in the show) was a no-brainer. Mt. Airy, NC is gorgeous and fun, and might eventually become the official world headquarters of Ken and Kevin’s Road Trip.

We saw the Andy Griffith Museum and learned that the world-famous 19th-century Siamese twins Chang and Eng were also from Mt. Airy.


We met the real “Floyd” of Floyd’s Barber Shop, Russell Hiatt, who’s been cutting hair there for 63 years. He gave me a free Floyd’s hat after we told him who we were. But now I’m kinda wondering if it was because he didn’t like my haircut.


Kevin was so excited to get to Mt. Airy that he got a speeding ticket about 3 minutes after I took this pic. More on that later…


One thought

  1. We have Chuck’s Barbershop up here in Grand Marais, Minnesota. You’ll always get the haircut you think you’re going to get when you go in (it’s the same one everybody gets), and you’ll find out more than we find out across the street at the newspaper office! And Chuck is a really nice guy.

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