Asian fusion?

Stopped in Beckley, WV for lunch at Hibachi Japanese Steak House. We learned that all the Japanese restaurants in the area are owned by Chinese. And our chef was Indonesian. Still not sure who owns the Chinese restaurants in town.

Our server Lindsay and chef Ben E. Hana.

The master at work. The manager dared us to try to make him laugh, and Kevin did, but we still had to pay for lunch for some reason.

We meet rock stars everywhere we go. We were invited to jam with Jay in his southern rock band, Three Card Monte.

Good thing we got here during the business hour. If we had been 30 minutes late we’d have had to eat really fast.


One thought

  1. Northern Minnesota doesn’t have a lot of Asian immigrants, but I just found out that they run all the nail salons in Duluth. And they get paid well. I just paid $48 for my daughter to get a French manicure. Ouch!

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