Road Trip IV: Day 1… Getting there is NOT half the fun

Flight delays, weather and holiday traffic all conspired to keep us away from the beach, but we persevered. Thirteen hours on the road for Kevin, Ashley, Zach and Allie. Eight hours in airports for Ken, Jayelyn and Camryn.

We were a little worse for wear when we finally reached Pawleys Island, but having the Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort manager say, “Oh you’re the road trip guys, I’ve been following you!” perked us right up. He even upgraded our accommodations.

Making friends on the way:

Daddy, why are all the planes late today?

Pretzels, ginger ale and their very own row on the plane helped:

Standards like these are why Bill and Fran’s remains near the top on our list of favorite restaurants:

Ghost stories before bed:

Not nearly as tired as they look:

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