“I’ve reason to believe we both will be received in Graceland”

That line from Paul Simon’s song celebrating post-modern redemption kept running through my head as we absorbed Memphis culture.

Day 3 of Road Trip V took place in and around Memphis, Tennessee, birthplace of the blues and southern barbecue. As anyone who knows us will tell you, we can’t resist the lure of black velvet and rhinestones. So we had to stop by to see Elvis’ momma’s place, Graceland.

It’s obvious why the ladies loved Elvis.

Parking was a little pricey.

Also not the cheapest exhibition we’ve ever been to.

Souvenirs abounded…a little expensive, maybe.

We quickly discovered what this was for.

It was worth it, though. You should have seen the expression on our faces. Oh wait, here you go:

Guessing a few peanut butter and nanner samiches were made in this kitchen.

They were out of Kevin’s size in this outfit, unfortunately.

Not sure how this pic of Ken’s living room got in here.

Elvis’ racquetball court. How he played in here without smashing gold records, we have no idea.

The best part of the stop: a new road trip theme song.

3 thoughts

  1. Great pics. Feel as though I was there with you guys. Keep up the good work and good times.

  2. Looks like a great time! Wish I was there. Wait……here’s hoping we can all be there with a TV series!!!! Hint…Hint.

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