Kit Carson, Stuart DeVault and religious persecution

Stuart DeVault owns Shepard's Inn with his wife, Margaret.
Stuart DeVault owns Shepard’s Inn with his wife, Margaret.

Stuart DeVault became a boxer at the age of 15. Now he and his wife, Margaret, run a cafe and motel in Kit Carson, Colorado.

We stopped to visit the couple at Shepard’s Inn and had a bunless burger (Kevin’s on a diet), grilled cheese and conversation.

We asked about the church with no sign, other than “No Trespassing,” just down the road in Wild Horse, Colorado.

“That’s the Lutheran Church,” offered Margaret. They just meet for special events. She wasn’t sure what to make of the signs.


Margaret Shepard
Margaret Shepard

(Side note: a quick web search indicates a dramatic drop in Lutheran membership in the US).

Our thoughts quickly raced back to Taos, New Mexico two days earlier. There, we were denied entrance to the Buddhist monastery. We’re not sure how Buddhist membership is going, but our guess is “not great” after our greeting there.


Are the major religions conspiring against us or is it simply coincidence? It will take minds greater than ours to fully answer that question

Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

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