Dollar for dollar: Route 66 Museum vs Graceland


We just spent an hour at the National Route 66 Museum. It was somewhat reminiscent of our visit to Graceland two years ago.20140612-153722-56242229.jpg
In an effort to be a vault of information for our fans, we are providing the following comparison between Route 66 Museum and Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee:

Personalized tour by the museum director:


Graceland: NO Rt 66: YES

Fire Truck:


Graceland: NO Rt 66: YES

Parking Fee:

Graceland: $10 Rt 66: FREE

Guy changing socks:

Graceland: NO Rt 66: YES


Sodas (Diet Coke):

Graceland: $12 Rt 66: $1.50

Scary, scary mannequins:


Graceland: NO Rt 66: YES




Foreigners taking pics:

Graceland: YES Rt 66: YES

Ken and Kevin Seal of Approval:

Graceland: NO Rt 66: YES


Author: Kevster

Kevin Slimp

2 thoughts

  1. I see you stopped at the museum. I hope you enjoyed it. Elk City is a great place. There is so much to see off the beaten path. Have a great trip and be safe. From Pam at Sweetwater, Okla.

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